Your Simple Guide to Instagram Features!

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Like other social media platforms, Instagram also provides various features that can build a strong online business and develop an effective social media marketing strategy. So always update with the latest Instagram features. What do Instagram features support business success?

Your profile

Your Instagram profile is the centre of your presence on the platform. With a good profile, people can see who you are, what you do, and what you offer. Fill out your profile completely and interestingly so followers can get a clear description of you.

Story Feature

The story feature is a feature that lets businesses share temporary content for 24 hours. Stories increase account engagement for a business because story content is generally more interactive than other content. Apart from that, stories can also improve website pages via link stickers. With the link sticker, you can add a direct link to the story, so the audience can directly access the website or page related to the content you share.

Post Feature

The post feature is an Instagram feature that is important for building brand awareness on Instagram. You can share relevant content with your audience with attractive visuals through this feature. Text or captions can also be added to clarify the context of the content. Invite the audience to interact. To expand the reach of your content, you can add relevant hashtags.

Reels Feature

Instagram encourages its users to maximize the reels feature. That’s why content as short videos get a higher reach than content as photos. Reels is the right choice if you want to increase the reach and visibility of your business. Adding music and sound also makes reels content more enjoyable, thus attracting more audience attention.

Broadcast Channel Feature

This Instagram feature is still rarely used by businesses, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth trying. Using a broadcast channel is suitable for building a community because you can send messages to several followers simultaneously and the followers can respond to the message.

Live Feature

The next business Instagram feature is the live feature. Through live, you can interact with your audience through real-time live broadcasts. Generally, this feature is used to hold question and answer sessions or direct discussions with the audience. Live can also be a means of collaborating with influencers or KOLs. By inviting influencers or KOLs to your live, the reach and credibility of the live broadcast event will increase.

Collab Post feature

Apart from collaborating with influencers live, you can collaborate with them by maximizing the collab post feature. This feature can help each influencer’s business, because content can reach audiences simultaneously. How to maximize Instagram features for business is easy. You can ask influencers to create content involving your products or services. Then, the influencer links you to collaborate. After that, the content will appear in the respective Instagram feed.

Direct Messages

You can send direct messages to other users on Instagram through the Direct Messages feature. It’s a great way to communicate privately with your followers or collaborate with other users.


With this simple guide, you now have a better understanding of Instagram features and how to use them effectively. Remember to keep experimenting and exploring new features offered by this platform to enhance your presence and engagement on Instagram.

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